Making the subjective vibration comfort impression of future vehicles perceptibleA major task within the acoustic development of vehicles is to ensure customer-oriented vibration comfort.


The increasing complexity and ever shorter development cycles in the automotive industry require early decision making and a highly efficient development process in terms of quality and costs. To meet these requirements, it is necessary to be able to evaluate an objective and subjective vibration comfort impression of the entire vehicle at an early stage, even before prototypes are built.


In order to ensure that acoustic development meets future requirements, the following fields of action are being promoted:

  • Reduction of prototypes and prototype parts
  • Early decision making and influence in the development process
  • Reproducible subjective evaluation of different individual measures


  • Literature research; evaluation of the previous models/test vehicles
  • Definition and supervision of the construction of a test vehicle
  • Analysis and evaluation of subjectively experienced phenomena
  • Verification of the subjectively experienced impression of comfort
  • Approaches to solutions for the inclusion of assemblies that cannot yet be assessed