Due to the constantly increasing time and cost pressure in the automotive industry, combined with the constantly growing number of active systems, simulation or partial simulation is becoming increasingly important. This enables both the entire vehicle and individual systems to be specifically developed and validated.


The goal of the project is to develop a vehicle model that replaces the need for a complete vehicle by partial simulation. The systems to be investigated are coupled to the model by a Hardware-In-The-Loop test bench, which is why the model has to be implemented in real-time. After completion of the model creation, the validation is carried out in order to secure the behaviour of the simulation.


Based on the requirements of the systems to be investigated, the necessary detailing of the model will be determined. The model will be designed modularly in order to be able to perform different investigations with the minimum possible complexity. This will optimise the procurement effort for parameters and the computing performance. After implementation on the test bench, the different expansion stages of the vehicle model, which depicts longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics, can be used for different purposes online and offline. In order to map all operating states to be considered, various adaptations are necessary, e.g. in the tyre model.