Presentations at hEART 2023 in Zürich, Switzerland

The Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering (TSE) participated at the 11th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation, which took place between 6-8 September 2023 in Zürich, Switzerland. TSE presented the following research during the conference:

  1. Severin Diepolder, Andrea Araldo, Tarek Chouaki, Santa Maiti, Sebastian Hörl and Constantinos Antoniou - On the Computation of Accessibility Provided by Shared Mobility. Link.

  2. Filippos Adamidis, Sara M. Ghaffari and Constantinos Antoniou - Acceptance of car-reducing measures: observed factors and latent attitudes. Link.

  3. Vishal Mahajan, Guido Cantelmo and Constantinos Antoniou - An open-source framework for the robust calibration of large-scale traffic simulation models.

We would like to thank ETH Zürich for the excellent organisation of the conference!