Content of Lectures

The summer school contents the following modules:

Module 1 - Traffic control systems / intelligent transportation systems

Module 2 - Transport and environment / assessment of transport infrastructure projects

Module 3 - Transportation Systems Analysis

Module 4 – Travel Behavior Analysis and Transport Modeling

Module 5 - Land use and transportation

Module 6 - Microscopic traffic flow simulation

Module 7 - Public transport concepts and planning

Module 8 - Goods transportation and logistics

Module 9 - Public transport policies

Module 10 - Urban traffic planning

Module 11 - Traffic data analysis

The summer school curriculum provides a brief overview over the contents of the two TUM Master of Science Programmes:                      


Master of Science in Transportation Systems (TS)
Master of Science in Transport and Logistics

Students, attending our summer school will get an impression on what they should expect if they decide to join a Masters course at Technische Universität München (TUM). Moreover, the lecturers, who intend to deliver classes in the summer school, are teaching these courses in the TUM Masters programmes as well.

Beside the transportation related subjects, students can gather information about study opportunities at Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany and will get a brief introduction into the German language and German culture.