D-Vanpool (DFG project 2017, Sino-German Collaboration)

Dynamic vanpool services: Passenger preferences, operations modeling, and simulation- based quantification of impacts

Duration: 2018-2021

Project D-Vanpool is a DFG funded project under Sino-German collaboration (among TUM-Chair of Transportation System Engineering and Tsinghua University-Department of Industrial Engineering). The project aims to investigate fundamental problems associated with dynamic vanpooling from the perspectives of passengers, operators, as well as policy makers. The major objectives include quantification of passenger preferences, developing a simulation platform with development and integration of a dynamic rerouting scheduling algorithm and simulation-based impact assessment and quantification. The outcome of the proposed project would allow us to gain a thorough understanding of the preferences of the passengers, the operational challenges of dynamic vanpooling, and its impact to building greener and more sustainable cities.