The 7th International IEEE Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems will be held virtually in June 16-17, 2021! The Organizing Committee is working hard to make this a great experience for all.  The final program of the conference is still undergoing changes. An updated version will soon be available. The program provided in his page is a preliminary version of the final one.

With those dates fast approaching, we would like to share some practical information about the conference!

1) Registration: If you have not registered yet, this is the time to do it! The committee is finalizing the program, which will be published soon.

2) Presentation: The team has been working hard to deliver the highest standards for MT-ITS2021, despite being online. Instead of hours of endless online presentations, we want to encourage open discussions during the conference. To allow the authors to better showcase their research, presentations will be divided into two parts:

a. 15 Minutes (offline-optional): You can prepare a 15-20 minutes recording for your research. There are no specific specifications for recorded presentations. We recommend using Zoom for filming, as it is a very easy way to create these presentations. If you use another program for recording, we recommend 720p resolution (1280 × 720). This record can then be uploaded to our platform and it will accessible during the conference, as well as in the weeks after the conference. Presenters may upload their video via the Video Submission Form

b. 5 Minutes pitch (online session): Each session will last 1 hour and 15 minutes and it is divided into two parts. First, each author will present his/her work (5-minute pitch). Interested researchers can then access the 15-minute presentation for more details. After all pitches (≈30 in total), the authors will be asked to join a panel discussion (≈45 minutes). The panel includes questions from the audience and an open discussion between the authors about their current research as well as the future challenges that the community should address. 

3) Session chair: By default, each session will be chaired by the last presented in the session. Session chair/authors can ask the committee to be replaced. Authors can also volunteer to be a session chair. 

The committee also organized 15 minutes break between sessions – to avoid death by zoom – and the possibility to arrange small individual meetings between participants, all without leaving the conference platform.

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you!

The MT-ITS 2021 team.

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