Francqui Chair - Lecture Prof. Dr. Constantinos Antoniou at UHasselt, Belgium

The Transportation Research Institute of UHasselt, which awarded a Francqui Chair to Prof. Dr. Constantinos Antoniou earlier this year, is hosting a lecture on 'Transport in a digital age - Challenges and opportunities'. Prof. Antoniou will present the lecture on Tuesday 10 October at 19:00.


  • Tuesday 10 October, 19:00
  • Hasselt Campus, Auditorium 1, Old Prison (Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt)
  • The lecture is freely accessible, will take 40 min and will be followed by a Q&A session.


Modern urban transportation is evolving to a much more complex ecosystem, where a number of policy decisions must be taken. The number of stakeholders increases, also with the increasing citizen participation in the decision-making process. The need for more objective, transparent and demonstrable policy evaluation is greater than ever. In this talk, we use a number of concrete examples to demonstrate the paradigm shift towards evidence-based transportation policy.


Francqui chair - Lecture Prof. Dr Constantinos Antoniou