Latest news regarding mobil.TUM 2024

Video series #1: an introduction to mobil.TUM 2024

mobil.TUM 2024 |

Luca Scotellaro introduces himself, the openLAB Urban Mobility and the connection to mobil.TUM 2024. Take a look and stay tuned for the next few weeks!

We're excited to announce an upcoming series of videos to offer an in-depth look into the anticipated mobil.TUM 2024: The Future of Mobility and Urban Space conference. These videos aim not only to shed light on the conference themes but also to introduce the talented individuals working behind the scenes. 

Our video series will delve into the following key topics:

  1. Placemaking to integrate urban spaces and mobility
  2. Promoting sustainable mobility choices in metropolitan regions
  3. Governing responsible mobility innovations
  4. Shaping the transition towards mobility justice
  5. System analysis, design, and evaluation

These contents will not only unravel the complexity of these themes but also underscore their relevance and impact on the mobility landscape of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more insights and engaging discussions from the mobil.TUM 2024conference!