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Video on Topic 4: "Shaping the Transition towards Mobility Justice"

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Interview with Dr.-Ing. David Duran on Topic 4

In this episode of our mobil.TUM 2024 video series, we introduce some new faces: María José Zúñiga Solórzano interviews Dr.-Ing. David Duran Rodas about the Topic 4 “Shaping the Transition towards Mobility Justice”.

👤 David Duran Rodas is a postdoc researcher and leader of the Research Group Mobility Justice at the Technische Universität München, Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning. He finished his dissertation with the topic: Efficiency and/or equity? Understanding and planning bike-sharing based on spatial fairness. He is a graduate of the international TUM master's program in Transportation Systems and has a background in civil engineering. His research focuses on employing mixed-methods approaches to create awareness, assess, and address mobility injustices, along with conducting mobility-related data analysis and visualization.

As we conclude this exploration with David, we encourage you to think about the question asked in the video: Who can take part in the mobility transition? Who can and should participate and who is excluded? We are looking forwards to your answers and inspiring discussions at the conference.

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Join us for an enriching experience, where you can engage with international researchers, including David in person, forcing connections, and gaining firsthand insights that promise to shape the future of mobility and urban spaces.

Stay tuned for the next topic video! See you in Munich 😉



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