Alona Pukhova


Research Associate


Telephone: +49-89-289-22698




Alona Pukhova studied Hydravlic Engineering between 2006 - 2011 at Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University in Ukraine and earned Bachelor and Specialist degrees. Later she studied Environmental Engineering at Technical University of Munich with the focus on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning and Transportation Engineering and Control since 2016 and earned Master's degree in 2019. She did her Master's thesis at the Professorship of Spatial Mobility Modelling together with BauHaus Luftfahrt. Later she joined the Professorship of Modelling spatial Mobility as a research associate.

Research Interests

  • Traffic Related Emissions
  • Public Transportation


Author(s): Ploetner, Kay, Rothfeld, Raoul, Shamiyeh, Michael, Kabel, Stefanie, Frank, F., Straubinger, Anna, Llorca, Carlos, Fu, Mengying, Moreno, Ana, Pukhova, Alona, Zhang, Qin, Al Haddad, Christelle, Wagner, Harry, Antoniou, Costantinos, Moeckel, Rolf. Long-term Application Potential of Urban Air Mobility Complementing Public Transport: An Upper Bavaria Example. CEAS Aeronautical Journal: An Official Journal of the Council of European Aerospace Societies. 2020.

Pukhova, Alona, Llorca, Carlos, Moreno, Ana, Zhang, Qin und Moeckel, Rolf (2019) Urban Air Mobility: Another disruptive Technology or just an insignificant addition? Artikel präsentiert auf der European Transport Conference 2019 in Dublin, Irland. (Download)