Design of Electric Vehicles (Modul MW2076, online)



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The lecture is recorded as a video, which you can find on moodle.

Available online at: Moodle: Auslegung von Elektrofahrzeugen


Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermWintersemester 2022/23
Language of instructionGerman
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Having participated in this course the students have gained an overall overview of the boundaries and differences of electromobility compared to conventional solutions as well as of relevant components in electric automobiles. Further more they have aquired certain knowledge about the develompment, packaging and topology of electric vehicles. They are able to characterize certain components such as the eletrified drive chain or energy-storage systems and to describe their functioning. Moreover, they are in a position to assess the construction/dimensioning of, for instance, drive and battery.


In the course of this lecture all relevant aspects of electromobility as well as concepts, components, and issues concerning electric-driven vehicles are discussed successively: * Introduction: Status of Electromobility regarding the total mobility * Carbon footprint and environmental impacts * Field test/data: fleet test, data acquisition, and processing measurement data * Vehicle package and derivation of vehicle concepts * Drivetrain concepts: Components of the drivetrain, electrified drivetrain concepts * Impact of Electromobility on vehicle components * Thermal management, conditioning/air-conditioning for EV * Electric engines: principle, overview, range of usage, efficiency * Power electronics: technologies, physical principles, efficiency * Battery system: types of batteries, aging, battery models, SOC, SOH, design, safety, cooling * Battery management system * HV-Safety: HV-components, standards, high-voltage on-board system, EMC * Impact on the power grid and charging: Types of charging, battery exchange systems, functional safety, Well to Wheel, Vehicle to grid, Vehicle to building

Teaching and learning methods

In der Vorlesung werden die Lehrinhalte mittels Vortrag und Präsentation vermittelt. Dabei werden mittels Tablet-PC komplexere Sachverhalte hergeleitet und illustriert. Während der Vorlesung werden explizit Vorlesungsfragen gestellt, die eine Transferleistung von den Studenten erwarten und bei denen die Studenten die Möglichkeit bekommen sich zu Wort zu melden und eine etwaige Lösung zu diskutieren. Nach jeder Vorlesungseinheit werden entsprechende Lernfragen den Studenten übergeben, die die Thematik der Lerneinheit behandeln und als Vorbereitung für die Prüfung dienen.