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The sun2car@GAP research project aims to uncover CO2 reduction potential and provide comprehensive insights into user behaviour. In the course of the massive development progress in electric vehicles, factors of energy generation and individual mobility are to be merged to provide new insights into the interaction of photovoltaic systems, mobility needs and CO2 emissions.


  • Reliably and accurately record people's mobility behaviour.
  • Precisely calculate and predict CO2 emissions. As far as possible, all relevant influencing factors should be taken into account and all available data should be merged.
  • Informing and sensitising test persons for CO2 emissions and CO2-neutral mobility in everyday life by means of a smartphone application.


The following methods were used in the implementation of the project:

  • Surveys
  • Data recording and processing
  • Automated detection of transport modes
  • Simulation model for CO2 calculation
  • Prediction model of CO2 emissions


The results of the final report can be read here