Interaction Analysis between EV and the electric infrastructure

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Electric vehicle or charging stations? Which should be available first to ensure a smooth introduction of electric mobility? It is a chicken-and-egg problem - without electric vehicles, no infrastructure is needed, but electric vehicles cannot be introduced if the necessary infrastructure is not available. The exact relationship between infrastructure and electric energy storage of electric vehicles has not yet been scientifically investigated.


The aim is a detailed scientific analysis of the relationship between the electrical energy storage of electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure. From this, conclusions are to be drawn for specific use cases, such as the nature of an optimal electrical energy storage system for a specific customer group or the optimal design of the infrastructure for a given distribution of electric vehicles in a region.


  • Analysis of driving behaviour and its influence on energy demand.
  • Optimisation of the electric energy storage concept of an electric vehicle depending on the available infrastructure.
  • Analysis of the influence of the distribution of electric energy storage in a region on the required infrastructure
  • Implementation, consolidation and evaluation of the approaches