A holistic energy management system for the building connection of plug-in vehicles

Project Completed - Contact: ftm@ftm.mw.tum.de


In order to realise sustainable and CO2-neutral mobility with plug-in vehicles, it is necessary to consider the entire "well-to-wheel" chain. Since vehicle charging will initially take place primarily at home and residential buildings will increasingly be equipped with decentralised energy generators, at least part of the energy for plug-in vehicles will be generated at the driver's home in the future. However, since the vehicle will not be permanently available for charging, but the generation of energy will fluctuate, the system components must be coordinated for efficient operation.


A holistic energy management system must be developed to control the system components and energy flows. The total energy demand is to be minimised through the intelligent use of energy generators, storage units and consumers.
The constraints here are comfort requirements and the usage behaviour of the system user.
The energy demand of the building and the mobility demand of the user must be covered, but with a minimum of fossil resources.


  • Identification of the influencing factors that are decisive for energy demand and generation
  • Development of a simulation environment for building energy systems and plug-in vehicles
  • Development of an algorithm for predictive holistic control of all aggregates and system components