Professor Constantinos Antoniou

Constantinos Antoniou is a Full Professor in the Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA (1995), a MS in Transportation (1997) and a PhD in Transportation Systems (2004), both from MIT. His research focuses on transport policy, modelling and optimization of transportation models, data analytics and statistical learning for transportation, and human factors for future mobility. Costas has a proven track record in attracting competitive funding on both national and international levels. He is/has been Principal Investigator (PI) of several research projects (e.g. EU-funded PHOEBE, iDREAMS, MOMENTUM, Drive2thefuture, NOESIS, as well as nationally-funded, e.g. German DFG DVanPool and Trampa, and federally funded PANAMERA). In the last five years, he has brought more than 4 million Euros of third party funding, from EU, federal and regional sources. 

Costas has made significant contributions in several fields, including the calibration of transportation simulation models, and the identification and quantification of factors affecting the acceptance, adoption and demand for conventional and established transportation modes. He is developing tools that are being used to support evidence-based transport policy.

Prof. Antoniou has authored more than 470 scientific publications, including more than 175 papers in international, peer-reviewed journals, 265 in international conference proceedings, 3 books and 30 book chapters. He has a Scopus h-index of 37 (Google Scholar h-index: 50, i10-index: 150, i-100 index: 18) with more than 4500 citations (Google Scholar 8478).

He is a member of several professional and scientific organizations, editorial boards (Associate Editor of Transportation Research – Part A: Policy and Practice; Deputy Editor in Chief of IET Intelligent Transportation Systems; Associate Editor of Transportation Letters; Editor of EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics; Editorial Board member of Transportation Research – Part C, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Cities;), committees (such as TRB committee ABJ70 - Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications and the Steering Committee of hEART – The European Association for Research in Transportation). 

He enjoys teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, in both English and German. He has supervised seven PhD students, and is currently supervising seventeen more. His students have been appointed to faculty positions at well-known universities, such as University College London (UCL), DTU, while visiting faculty and doctoral students that were mentored by Prof. Antoniou have also received prestigious faculty positions, e.g. at the UPC and U of Arizona.

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Journal articles

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