Christelle Al Haddad

Christelle Al Haddad is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Lead of the Research Group “Human Factors” within the same chair. She holds a PhD in Transportation Engineering from TUM, where she also completed her M.Sc. in Transportation Systems. Previously, she earned a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering from the American University of Beirut. In parallel to her PhD, Christelle earned her EIT Urban Mobility Label, as she completed the Doctoral Training Network . She is still an active contributing member to the EIT community.

Her research focuses on understanding and modeling human factors in transportation, including but not limited to road safety, emerging transportation modes, and shared mobility. Her research interests also span across understanding gender aspects of mobility, but also ethical concerns in relation with technological advances and smart city concepts. Her work has been disseminated in publications that have attracted over 550 citations in about four years (H-index: 10).


Selected Publications; a full list of publications can be found here.

Journal Papers

Yang, K., Al Haddad, C., Alam, R., Brijs, T., & Antoniou, C. (2024). Adaptive Intervention Algorithms for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Safety, 10(1), 10. Link here.

Amini, R. E., Al Haddad, C., Batabyal, D., Gkena, I., De Vos, B., Cuenen, A., ... & Antoniou, C. (2023). Driver distraction and in-vehicle interventions: A driving simulator study on visual attention and driving performance. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 191, 107195. Link here.

Abouelela, M., Al Haddad, C., Islam, M. A., & Antoniou, C. (2022). User Preferences towards Hyperloop Systems: Initial Insights from Germany. Smart Cities5(4), 1336-1355. Link here.

Al Haddad, C., Abouelela, M., Hancox, G., Pilkington-Cheney, F., Brijs, T., & Antoniou, C. (2022). A Multi-Modal Warning–Monitoring System Acceptance Study: What Findings Are Transferable?. Sustainability14(19), 12017. Link here.

Al Haddad, C., & Antoniou, C. (2022). A data–information–knowledge cycle for modeling driving behavior. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour85, 83-102. Link Here.

Abouelela, M., Al Haddad, C., & Antoniou, C. (2021). Are young users willing to shift from carsharing to scooter–sharing?. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment95, 102821. Link here.

Ploetner, K.O., Al Haddad, C., Antoniou, C. et al. Long-term application potential of urban air mobility complementing public transport: an upper Bavaria example. CEAS Aeronaut J 11, 991–1007 (2020). Link here.

Al Haddad, C., Fu, M., Straubinger, A., Plötner, K., & Antoniou, C. (2020). Choosing Suitable Indicators for the Assessment of Urban Air Mobility: A Case Study of Upper Bavaria, Germany. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research20(4), 214–232. Link here.

Al Haddad, C., Chaniotakis, E., Straubinger, A., Ploetner, K.O., Antoniou, C. (2019). Factors Affecting the Adoption and Use of Urban Air Mobility. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice. Link here.

Book chapters
Straubinger, A., Kluge, U., Al Haddad, C., Ploetner, K. O., Antoniou, C. (2019). Identifying Demand and Acceptance Drivers for User Friendly Urban Air Mobility Introduction. In Towards user centric mobility in Europe. Springer. Link here.

Rothfeld, R., Straubinger, A., Fu, M., Al Haddad, C., Antoniou, C. (2019). Urban Air Mobility. In Antoniou, C., Efthymiou, D., Chaniotakis, E. (eds.), Factors Affecting Emerging Transportation Systems: Modelling Adoption, Satisfaction and Mobility Patterns. (ISBN: 9780128150184), Elsevier. Link here.

Work Experience

Jan. 2023–Present      

Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering (TUM) Munich 
Postdoctoral Researcher

Leading the Ethics in AI Smart City project

Feb. 2019–Dec. 2022

Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering (TUM) Munich 
Research Associate

Led the chair activities in the Bavarian-funded project on urban air mobility (OBUAM) and EU-funded projects on future mobility needs (Drive2theFuture) and road safety (the large naturalistic driving project: i-DREAMS).

May 2018–Nov. 2018

Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V Munich 
Master Thesis
Topic: Identifying the factors affecting the adoption and use of urban air mobility (UAM)

Oct. 2017–Mar. 2018

Flixmobility GmbH (Flixbus) Munich 
Business development, pricing optimization and quality management of the French Charter department

Sept. 2016–Jan. 2019

English Writing Center(TUM) Munich
Writing Tutor

Sept. 2015–Sept. 2016

Dar Al Handasah Shair and Partners Beirut 
Full-Time Transportation Engineer
Worked on proposals and projects across the Middle East and Africa region, including road design, grading, and road signing and marking


April 2019-December 2022

Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering (TUM), Munich 
PhD in Transportation Engineering
Grade: Summa Cum Laude

Oct. 2016–Nov. 2018

Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering (TUM), Munich 
MSc in Transportation Systems
Grade: 1.6, Graduated with merit

Sept. 2011–May 2015

American University of Beirut (AUB), Beirut 
BEng in Civil Engineering
GPA: 3.7/4.0, Dean’s Honor List, graduated with distinction

Sept. 1998–June 2011

Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour (CNDJ), Beirut
French Baccalaureate in Mathematics. Grade: 16.45/20, Top 3 % of her class to graduate with high distinction