TraMPA Final Workshop, 6 - 7th October 2022, TU Munich

The workshop was organized by the project team comprising Constantinos Antoniou (Technical University of Munich, Germany), Carlos Llorca Garcia (Landeshauptstadt München, Germany; Technical University of Munich, Germany), Rolf Moeckel (Technical University of Munich, Germany) and Vishal Mahajan (Technical University of Munich, Germany). Among the external attendees were experienced and esteemed researchers in the transport modeling and data analytics domain: Greg Erhardt (University of Kentucky, US; Technical University of Munich, Germany), Haris Koutsopoulos (Northeastern University, US), Alexander Kulessa (Landeshauptstadt München, Germany), Attila Lüttmerding (Landeshauptstadt München, Germany), Gregory Macfarlane (Brigham Young University, US), Francisco Pereira (DTU, Denmark), Jan-Dirk Schmöcker (Kyoto University, Japan), and Peter Wagner (German Aerospace Center, Germany).
During the workshop, research from TraMPA project was presented by the Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering and Associate Professorship of Travel Behavior, and workshop participants provided rich feedback. External participants also presented their research and provided rich insights on applications of open and proprietary data for transport planning and modeling in research and practice. Other highlights were discussion on practical and philosophical issues related to open data, or publicly available data need for standardized and common benchmarking datasets. TraMPa organizing team thanks all the participants for making this workshop a success.

Project link: https://www.mos.ed.tum.de/vvs/forschung/projekte/trampa/