Custom driving simulator installed by DriveSimSolutions

i-DREAMS project partner DriveSimSolutions (DSS) has custom designed and built a passenger vehicle driving simulator. They recently installed this simulator at the Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering. 

The driving simulator is based on a Peugeot 206 and uses many authentic vehicle parts, such as a complete dashboard, adjustable driver seat, steering wheel, and instrument cluster with functional speed and tacho gauges. Visuals are provided through three 49’’ 4K monitors that provide a 135° field of view. Driver controls include pedals (throttle, brake, clutch), gear shifter (6speed + reverse or sequential), and authentic controls for turn indicator, low beam, high beam, and horn. Dimensions (WxL) are 260x200cm. The simulator uses fully customizable STISIM Drive 3 software, allowing for creation of custom scenarios and data collection at every simulation update frame.