Visiting researcher Rebecca Rossetti from the University of Bologna

Delighted to introduce our visiting guest researcher, Rebecca Rossetti a PhD student at University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna), specializing in resilient and sustainable mobility with an interdisciplinary focus on economics, social, network, and regional science.

Foto: Büttner

Her primary research centers around Smart MobilityHubs, exploring their potential to enhance urban transport network resilience and identifying optimal locations for robustness and proximity. As a member of the SmartHubs Consortium, Rebecca has collaborated with Benjamin BüttnerDavid Duran Rodas, and Aaron Nichols.

During her 3-month tenure at Technische Universität München, Rebecca aims to merge resilience and accessibility topics. She's also an active and valuable member of the Proximity-centred Accessibility Consortium, where she conducted the survey with Italian planning practitioners.

Rebecca is eager to build networks with fellow researchers, seeking support and suggestions for her PhD thesis. Let's make her stay at TUM a truly fruitful and enriching experience!