DREAM big: New Project starting soon!

In the DREAMS project, the international team is delving into the realm of accessible, sustainable, and inclusive neighborhoods in the outskirts of European cities and regions by means of co-created and user-centric mobility services, along with flexible activity hubs. Our exploration will span six living labs across Europe: Budapest, Brussels, Munich, Paris, Utrecht, and Vienna.

The main aim is to conduct thorough research across these living labs to provide a comprehensive and comparative analysis of lifestyles within 15-minute city (15mC) neighborhoods across different density suburban and urban outskirts within the five regions. Additionally, the team is dedicated to crafting and testing novel business models and governance frameworks for innovative shared mobility services and adaptable activity hubs in areas of low to medium density.

Furthermore, it will design and implement a decision support tool to facilitate the co-creation and assessment of the impact of mobility services, as well as mobility and flexible activity hubs within the DREAMS living labs. The team will meticulously evaluate the mobility, accessibility, and broader societal impacts of these services to ensure their efficacy.

Ultimately, the project objective is to formulate policy recommendations that actively foster sustainable and inclusive urban mobility in 15mC neighborhoods on the urban periphery. The scientist intend to accomplish this by leveraging co-created and user-centric mobility services, along with mobility and flexible activity hubs, and by implementing innovative governance-business models.

Find out more here: https://www.dreams15mc.eu 

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