Georg Liu is new to the team!

Meet George Liu, the visionary mind behind CityUX, now part of Technische Universität München!

We are thrilled to welcome George Liu PhD, the mastermind behind CityUX, to our team at Technische Universität München!

Our close collaboration with George has revealed his unmatched expertise in innovative and captivating lecturing, particularly in the realm of urban mobility. His dedication to crafting human-centered cities is evident in every project he undertakes.

However, George's journey extends far beyond his recent achievements. With a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Eindhoven University of Technology and notable roles at esteemed institutions such as the Urban Cycling Institute at the University of Amsterdam, he brings a wealth of experience and insights to our institution.

Furthermore, George's commitment to mentorship and education shines brightly as he guides the next generation of UX designers and urban planners.

As a globally recognized content creator and influencer, George's impact is felt worldwide, as he continues to shape human-centered cities and inspire change wherever he goes.

With George on board, we are ready to embark on new challenges, pushing the boundaries to create more inclusive, livable, and sustainable cities for all.