Friday, 12.04.2024

On this page, you'll discover the photos from the lsat day of mobil.TUM 2024. We've endeavored to encapsulate the ambiance of the conference in these images.

Please feel free to utilize the pictures while respecting copyright regulations. Unless otherwise specified, credit is attributed to the TUM Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning.

Various workshops were offered throughout the day. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer.

Title Organizers
W1 - Mobility Justice Sindi HaxhijaDavid Duran-Rodas
W2 - New Highway Traffic Analysis Methods for the Highway Capacity Manual TUM Chair of Transportation System Engineering
W3 - 15mC: What is next? Sebastian Seisenberger, Benjamin Büttner & Catherine Gall
W4 - Planning the active city Mahtab Baghaiepoor & George Liu