Transportation Systems Engineering Inauguration

In September 2016 the chair of transportation systems engineering was inaugurated. The appointed professor, Univ.-Prof. Constantinos Antoniou envisioned this chair to focus on basic research using cutting off technologies. More specifically, the chair of Transportation Systems Engineering (TSE) focuses on performing transportation research surrounding aspects of modelling and simulation of transportation systems, implementation of data science and data analytics in transport and human factors analysis. Specifically, the TSE chair performs research on both multimodal and unimodal freight and passenger transport demand and supply modelling, allowing for contributions on optimisation, calibration and validation of transport models. In this direction, the application of Big Data acquisition and analysis is examined as well as the use of Data-driven flexible models (Social Media project href). Finally, the TSE chair contributes on the analysis of human factors analysis in transport-related fields such as road safety modelling, behavioural economics applications and modelling of factors that affect transportation systems user engagement.


11 September 2016