Study Projects

The Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering is mentoring students on a variety of transport related topics for the study projects.

Completed Study Projects


  • Ebrahim Salehi Dobakhshari: Travel Behavior Changes in the Fully Autonomous Vehicle era: What we can learn from Bangladesh. Semester thesis, 2021 more… BibTeX
  • Jonas Schmid-Querg: Impact of the Increasing Demand for eMobility on Power Consumption in Germany. Studien thesis, 2021 more… BibTeX Full text (mediaTUM)


  • Rupanjan Chakraborty: A study of different response styles and attribute processing strategies and their effects in experiments with "Stated Preference" preference – TUM Environmental Engineering MSc. TUM, Supervisors: E. Chaniotakis, C. Antoniou, 2020, more… BibTeX