Mohamed Abouelela

Mohamed is a civil / transportation engineer, and a lecturer specializing in Transportation System Engineering with over 18 years of experience in the transportation industry. Mohamed is the head of the research group Transportation Data Analytics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Ain Shams University, Egypt, and a Master of Science in Transportation Systems from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He possesses a deep passion for data analytics and its application in solving complex transportation challenges. He has actively pursued opportunities to integrate data-driven insights into transportation planning and decision-making processes throughout his career.

Mohamed's expertise lies in the application of advanced data analytics techniques to analyze and model transportation systems. He has a strong background in transportation planning and infrastructure design, which enables me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications. With a keen eye for patterns and trends in transportation data, He has successfully contributed to the development of innovative solutions that enhance system performance, efficiency, and safety.

In addition to his industry experience, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Transportation System Engineering, focusing on leveraging data analytics to improve various transportation services planning decisions. This academic pursuit allows him to stay at the forefront of research and explore new methodologies to address emerging challenges in the field. He is enthusiastic about contributing to the advancement of transportation engineering knowledge through his research findings, which he actively disseminates through publications and presentations at industry conferences.

Work Experience

Nov 2019–Apr 2020 Working Student Mobility Planner Siemens
Oct. 2018 – Sep. 2019 Research Assistant Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering, Technical University of Munich
Jan 2016 – Sep. 2017 Project Manager
Feb 2007 – Jan 2016 Transportation Engineer
Sep 2005 – Jan 2007 Surveying Engineer


Oct-2020 - Present Ph.D. Candidate
Oct 2017- June 2020

M.Sc. in Transportation Systems

Technical University of Munich
Thesis: Why Do We Share Our Rides? Investigating Factors Influencing
the Adoption, Use Frequency, and Characteristics of Organized Pooled Rides.
The Case Study of Jetty in Mexico.
Oct 2000 – June 2005  B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Ain Shams University, Cairo Egypt

Selected publications

  1. Abouelela, M., Lyu, C., & Antoniou, C. (2023). Exploring the Potentials of Open-Source Big Data and Machine Learning in Shared Mobility Fleet Utilization Prediction. Data Science for Transportation5(2), 5.
  2. Abouelela, M., Samir, M., & Antoniou, C. (2023). Exploring COVID-19 pandemic potential impacts on students’ school travel behavior. Transportation Letters, 1-15.
  3. Abouelela, M., Chaniotakis, E., & Antoniou, C. (2023). Understanding the landscape of shared-e-scooters in North America; Spatiotemporal analysis and policy insights. Transportation research part A: policy and practice169, 103602
  4. Chaniotakis, E., Abouelela, M., Antoniou, C., & Goulias, K. (2022). Investigating social media spatiotemporal transferability for transport. Communications in Transportation Research2, 100081.
  5. Abouelela, M., Al Haddad, C., Islam, M. A., & Antoniou, C. (2022). User Preferences towards Hyperloop Systems: Initial Insights from Germany. Smart Cities5(4), 1336-1355.
  6. Al Haddad, C., Abouelela, M., Hancox, G., Pilkington-Cheney, F., Brijs, T., & Antoniou, C. (2022). A multi-modal warning–monitoring system acceptance study: what findings are transferable?. Sustainability14(19), 12017.
  7. Abouelela, M., Tirachini, A., Chaniotakis, E., & Antoniou, C. (2022). Characterizing the adoption and frequency of use of a pooled rides service. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies138, 103632.
  8. Abouelela, M., Al Haddad, C., & Antoniou, C. (2021). Are young users willing to shift from carsharing to scooter–sharing?. Transportation research part D: transport and environment95, 102821.
  9. Abouelela, M., Militão, A. M., & Antoniou, C. (2020). Impact of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) on Women’s Daily Travel Decisions: The Case Study of Cairo. Ekistics and The New Habitat80(3), 26-30.
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