Some new master thesis topics [WS23]

Some new master thesis topics are now available at TSE. The interested students are asked to contact the supervisors to apply.


No Topic Start Description Supervisors Status
1 The impact of modular electric vehicles on urban traffic ASAP Description Dr. Santa Maiti; Qinglong Lu Open
2 Agent-based transport simulation with mobility hubs in Munich ASAP Description Filippos Adamidis Open
3 The future of public transportation ASAP Description Dr. Santa Maiti; M. Abouelela Open
4 Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning for Coupled Control of Traffic Signal and Connected Autonomous Vehicles ASAP   Dr. Yunyi Liang Open
5 Continuum Approximation for Collaborative Tasks Processing in UAV-assisted Mobile Edge Computing Networks ASAP   Dr. Yunyi Liang Open
6 AI-Based Mode Choice Modeling for Urban Air Mobility as an Airport Shuttle Service ASAP Description Hao Wu, Cheng Lyu Open
7 Integration of a motion prediction model into a simuation tool ASAP   Hashmatullah Sadid Open
8 Quantifying the resilience of public transport networks ASAP   Dr. Ramandeep Singh Open
9 Incorporating eye-tracking data for the improvement of experimental design November 2023 Description Christelle Al Haddad, Filippos Adamidis Open