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If you are interested in a thesis on the subject of "Motion Planning", feel free to send me an email.




  • Wischnewski, Alexander; Geisslinger, Maximilian; Betz, Johannes; Betz, Tobias; Fent, Felix; Heilmeier, Alexander; Hermansdorfer, Leonhard; Herrmann, Thomas; Huch, Sebastian; Karle, Phillip; Nobis, Felix; Ögretmen, Levent; Rowold, Matthias; Sauerbeck, Florian; Stahl, Tim; Trauth, Rainer; Lienkamp, Markus; Lohmann, Boris: Indy Autonomous Challenge - Autonomous Race Cars at the Handling Limits. In: Proceedings. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2022 more…


  • Hermansdorfer, Leonhard; Trauth, Rainer; Betz, Johannes; Lienkamp, Markus: End-to-End Neural Network for Vehicle Dynamics Modeling. 2020 6th IEEE Congress on Information Science and Technology (CiSt), IEEE, 2020 more…