Electromobility is considered a key technology for a sustainable and resource-saving mobility system. Due to the enormous progress in battery development switching from conventionally to electrically powered vehicles is becoming more and more attractive for companies and individuals. However, switching to an electric vehicle is still frequently associated with a high level of uncertainty, which in most cases can be attributed to a lack of acceptation of electromobility and to an insufficient understanding of the own mobility behavior.


The Solution – A Personal Advisor for Electromobility

WATE is a cloud-based it-solution for efficient and sustainable implementation of electromobility in the private and commercial sector.

Is your mobility behavior or the mobility behavior of your company suitable for electromobility?

Is electromobility for you or your company profitable in the long term?

What does an electromobility solution optimized to your requirements look like?


The Target System

In this context mobility behavior is characterized by sensor and OBD data of single trips. For data acquisition an android smartphone application or an OBD data logger is used. The recorded data is subsequently sent to a backend via the internet, where the data is stored and processed. An access limited web application enables the user to view his data in the form of statistical evaluations and simulation results and thereby to analyse the underlying mobility behavior with regard to the suitability for electromobility. 

Further information about WATE can be found in the electromobility related project overview of the city of Munich.