Roberto Brusnicki

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Research Topics

  • Large Language Models
  • Motion Planning under uncertainty
  • Advanced vehicle motion


I did my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and my Master's degree in Control Systems Engineering at the Aeronautics Institute of Technology in Brazil. During my bachelor's degree, I spent a year abroad at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US as part of the Science Without Borders programme, where I worked on pose estimation of agile drones by fusing visual and inertial measurements. During my master's thesis, I developed a hardware-in-the-loop simulation and GNC algorithms for a launch vehicle being developed by DLR. Since August 2023, I have been doing my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Johannes Betz in the Autonomous Vehicle Systems Lab. My research focuses on improving the performance of autonomous vehicles by using LLMs to improve perceptual accuracy and decision-making in ambiguous scenarios.