Research vehicle: EDGAR

Our research vehicle EDGAR (Excellent Driving GARching) enables us to test the developed software under real conditions on the road. The research vehicle is equipped with extensive sensor technology for recording the environment and the vehicle's own condition, high-performance computers for applying the software and interfaces for controlling the longitudinal and lateral guidance. In addition, the high-performance computers are embedded in an extensive simulation environment, which is used during the entire development phase and for the automated testing of software functionality in the run-up to real vehicle tests. The research vehicle, including data center and simulator, are funded by a large-scale equipment application from the German Research Foundation (DFG) (approval according to Art. 91b GG with DFG file number INST 95/1653-1 FUGG).

Small-scale research vehicle: F1TENTH

The F1TENTH vehicle is a 1/10th scale autonomous research vehicle consisting of a modified RC car platform equipped with a variety of sensors such as lidar, cameras and IMUs to collect real-time data about the environment. The platform is controlled by a powerful single board computer with GPU (Nvidia Jetson) that executes complex algorithms for perception, planning and control. By combining sensor technology and computing power, the F1TENTH vehicle enables the development and testing of autonomous driving technologies in a realistic yet safe environment.

Autonomous racecar: Indy Autonomous Challenge

The autonomous racing car Dallara AV-21 is operated by our TUM Autonomous Motorsport Team. The vehicle is equipped with the Adlink - AVA 3501 computer, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPU, Luminar Hydra LiDAR, Novatel Powerpak GPS/IMU, Mako camera and Aptiv (ESR-MRR) radar. Its hardware and software are designed for high-speed autonomous racing and can reach a top speed of 281 km/h. The vehicle's sensor architecture and computer systems are specifically designed for the Indy Autonomous Challenge, with a focus on performance and reliability at high speeds. The AV-21 demonstrates advances in autonomous vehicle technology with a focus on speed, precision and adaptability in a competitive environment.