TUM Autonomous Motorsport takes part in A2RL racing series

The TUM Autonomous Motorsport team will participate in a new racing series for autonomous racing vehicles at the end of April. The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL), launched by ASPIRE, aims to advance research and development in autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. This new autonomous racing series aims to push the boundaries of mobility, with the first autonomous car race scheduled for April 27, 2024 at the Yas Marina Circuit.

To participate in the A2RL, teams must use an autonomous race car provided by the A2RL. The teams must then develop software that enables the vehicles to navigate the track autonomously at high speeds and high lateral accelerations. This involves complex tasks such as planning local and global movements and avoiding obstacles. The teams receive cars with basic software and have access to the A2RL simulator and data from a test run with the SF23 to prepare for the race.

The league represents a significant technological and educational endeavor and provides a platform for international teams to showcase their advances in autonomous technology through competition. The TUM Autonomos Motorsport Team consists of 12 doctoral students as well as the three professorships Autonomous Vehicle Systems (AVS Lab, Prof. Betz), Chair of Automotive Technology (FTM, Prof. Lienkamp) and Chair of Automatic Control (RT, Prof. Lohmann)