New Lectures Summer Semester 2024

The AVS Lab is pleased to be able to add three new lectures to its course offerings in the coming summer semester. The first lecture, "Fundamentals of Autonomous Vehicles", is aimed at Bachelor students who are interested in the field of robotics and autonomous vehicles. The second lecture, "Development and Design of Useful Autonomous Vehicles", is aimed at Master's students who want to expand their knowledge and skills in this exciting field. The third lecture "Ethical Robot Systems" deals with the challenges arising from the integration of ethical principles in the development and use of robotic technologies.

All lectures cover a wide range of topics related to autonomous vehicles, including their design and development, sensor technologies, machine learning algorithms and more. 

The lecture content is suitable for a diverse group of students with different academic backgrounds, including computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The AVS Lab strives to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students and welcomes students with diverse perspectives and experiences. Registration for the summer semester is now open, and students should register early to secure a spot. Further information about the courses can be found on the following websites:

Lecture: Fundamentals of Autonomous Vehicles

Lecture: Development and Design of Useful Autonomous Vehicles

Lecture: Ethical Robot Systems