MCube Speaker Series "Future of mobility": Autonomous driving

Experts agree: autonomous driving will revolutionise the transport transition. Intelligent, efficient and safe autonomous on-demand shuttles will operate where public transport reaches its limits and private transport becomes inefficient. And much faster than many people think!

The first MCube Speaker Series "Future of Mobility" 2024 took place on 16 January at the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum. Despite #ice on the doorstep, the event attracted around 80 mobility enthusiasts. Our Lab Head Johannes Betz was part of the MCUBE Speaker Series and gave insights into the mega building block of the transport revolution: Autonomous driving and on-demand transport. How will this groundbreaking development affect the mobility sector and what impact will it have on our society and our everyday lives? Johannes gave insights into the AVS Lab's research and showed how we can accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.