IV 2023: 5 new paper + workshops

Last week, the AVS team attended the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2023, one of the leading conferences in the field of autonomous vehicles. We traveled to Alaska (USA) to meet with researchers from around the world and discuss the latest research in automotive technology, autonomous driving and intelligent transportation systems. We also had the opportunity to present five of our new research highlights:

Paper 1: "How Fast is My Software? Latency Evaluation for a ROS2 Autonomous Driving Software" 

Paper 2: "Latency Measurement for Autonomous Driving Software Using Data Flow Extraction" 

Paper 3: "DeepSTEP - Deep Learning-Based Spatio-Temporal End-To-End Perception for Autonomous Vehicles" 

Paper 4: "Learning and Adapting Behavior of Autonomous Vehicles Through Inverse Reinforcement Learning" 

Paper 5: "A Benchmark Comparison of Imitation Learning-Based Control Policies for Autonomous Racing" 

Additionally, the team was involved in organizing the "Autoware Foundations Workshop" and "Autoware FoundationsTutorial" to demonstrate the capabilities of Autoware's open source software stack for autonomous driving. We thank the organizers of IV 2023 for a great and exciting conference and look forward to IV 2024 in South Korea.