11th Automated Driving Symposium

Together with other TUM chairs and numerous industry representatives, our AVS Lab is organizing the 11th Automated Driving Symposium.

Autonomous driving will permanently change the mobility of the future. With the amended legislation for autonomous vehicles, Germany created concrete framework conditions for the development and real use of automated vehicles on the road as a pioneer as early as 2022.

Despite the progress made in the field of automated driving, the safety and reliability of automated vehicles and their safeguarding continue to pose a challenge for science and industry. In addition to the technical requirements for autonomous vehicles, questions about possible commercial applications and business models are coming to the fore. Humans and their interaction with the vehicle also play an important role in the automation of road traffic.

In addition to the vehicles, an intelligent traffic system with networked road users and infrastructure is developing with increasing automation, the data of which can also be used in digital twins. Simulations can also be used to make the process of safeguarding more reproducible and explainable. In addition, ethical and legal questions must be answered for real-world deployment.

The 11th Automated Driving Conference is all about the current challenges of automated vehicles. The focus will be on concepts, approaches that have already been implemented and experience reports on the design of these new technologies, also with regard to social acceptance and their use.

All information about the main topics and the submission of papers can be found in the Call for Paper