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SmartHubs Training Day on April 08, 2024

Around 40 participants joined this unique day to learn more about the concept of the SmartHubs projects.

Approximately 40 participants attended, engaging with the valuable insights shared by our international experts. During the day, the participants are collaborating in groups, utilizing various tools for planning, designing, and evaluating mobility hubs. Ultimately, these groups will present their findings for the exemplary case study of Munich.

We're also grateful for the presentations and participation of local professionals from Munich's transport suppliers. Special thanks to you all for your invaluable contributions!

Our SmartHubs experts: 

  • Lead investigator Karst Geurs, supported by Anna Grigolon and Kelt Garritsen from University of Twente.
  • Imre Keserű and Lluis Martinez from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
  • Benjamin Büttner, David Duran Rodas, and Aaron Nichols from Technical University of Munich.
  • Antonia Graf and Julia Hansel from University of Münster.
  • Yusak Susilo, Roman Klementschitz, Roxani Gkavra, and Oliver Roider from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.
  • Hilda Tellioglu, Linda Dörrzapf, Christoph Kirchberger, Martin Berger, and Lukas Knott from Vienna University of Technology.
  • Jelten Baguet and Edward de Moor from Mpact.

Our local experts: 

  • Alva Zakariasson from the City of Munich.
  • Max Pahlke from LIME. 
  • Alisa Utz from MVG
  • Gesa Volpers from MVV

Find out more about the SmartHubs projects: Home | SmartHubs (smartmobilityhubs.eu) 


Photos: TUM openLAB Urban Mobility / L.Zuckriegl