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Recap: TUM Sustainability Day 2024

The TUM openLAB Urban Mobility team showcased their vision for sustainable and resilient cities at TUM Sustainability Day 2024.

The TUM openLAB Urban Mobility team showcased their projects and research at the TUM Sustainability Day, emphasizing their vision for creating more livable, sustainable, and resilient cities. Visitors explored various projects, including those within the Munich Cluster for the future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions (MCube).

A highlight was the LittleBig Playmat, designed by Lior Steinberg in collaboration with Bolt. This interactive playmat engaged visitors of all ages, demonstrating the importance of sustainable urban planning in a fun and educational way.

The event was made possible by the TUM Sustainability Office. The mobility booth was organized by MCube. The team expressed gratitude to all visitors and encouraged everyone to stay tuned for future updates on their projects and initiatives.