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Recap of the Start with Children Summit 2024

The Start with Children Summit held on 28-29 May 2024 in Bratislava was an outstanding event, highlighting innovative approaches to urban planning centered on the needs of young people. Ana Rivas and Benjamin Büttner played pivotal roles in activating the vibrant Play Street, demonstrating tools to creatively transform our streets for the young and the young at heart.

🌸 Flowers of Proximity
The Play Street came alive with our Flowers of Proximity, an activity inspired by the #15minuteCity concept. This initiative allowed participants, especially children, to envision their ideal neighborhoods by drawing and sharing their visions. It promoted a community-oriented approach to urban planning, emphasizing the importance of accessible, livable spaces within a 15-minute reach.

🎉 Street Experiments Tool - SET
We showcased our latest best practices using the Street Experiments Tool (SET), presenting the SET Guidelines Kit in a playful manner. This toolkit empowers individuals and communities worldwide to transform their streets to better meet the needs of their citizens, fostering safer and more inclusive urban environments.

🤝 Engaging with Thought Leaders
The summit provided a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse group of thought leaders, including mayors, researchers, and change agents. These interactions sparked meaningful discussions and collaborations, furthering our mission to create livable, inclusive cities across the globe.

A big thank you goes to Simon Battisti for organizing such an impactful and stimulating summit. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the second Start with Children Summit!


Photos: Rivas (2024)