ASTRA: Transition zones between mixed traffic and fully automated traffic operations

Project Description

Previous research shows that mixed traffic must be expected for a long time. For this reason, transition zones between mixed traffic and fully automated traffic play a central role. Based on the existing infrastructure, occurring traffic flows and today's accidents the current situation in Switzerland will be described. Considering these results, the requirements for transitions will be derived. A future scenario must be at least equally efficient and safe. In an iterative process, requirements for transition zones and new concepts for the design and operation of these zones are developed and optimized. The goal is to derive principles and conclusions for regulation based on the consolidated, conceptual approaches and the qualitative evaluation. 

Tasks of the Chair

  • Definition and study scope
  • Analysis of transition zones
  • Development and evaluation of concepts
Keywords Transition areas, connected and automated vehicles, Switzerland
Funding ASTRA 
Partners EBP Schweiz AG 
Duration Mai 2022 - Mai 2024
Contact Tanja Niels, Lisa Kessler