Korbinian Moller

E-Mail korbinian.moller@tum.de
Phone +49 89 289 10411
Room Hochbrück 3.4.16
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Research Topics

  • Local Motion Planning
  • Motion Planning in safety-critical scenarios
  • Autoware


After successfully completing my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich (2021), I continued my academic career by enrolling in the master's degree programs mechanical engineering and automotive engineering. I completed this phase of my education in 2023.

In my earlier theses at the Institute of Automotive Technology (FTM) at TUM, I immersed myself in the world of electromobility and the design of autonomous electric vehicles. This research gave me valuable insights into the technology that will shape our future in mobility.

The highlight during my master's studies was undoubtedly my master's thesis, which I also wrote at FTM. In this research project, I dedicated myself to trajectory planning for autonomous vehicles and developed methods to take into account occluded areas caused, for example, by parked vehicles.

Since September 2023, I have been working on my PhD at the Chair of Autonomous Vehicle Systems (AVS) under the supervision of Professor Johannes Betz. My current research focuses on autonomous road vehicles and in particular on motion planning in safety-critical scenarios.

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