IEEE IV 2024: 7 Paper + 2 Workshops + Competition

The AVS team is attending the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2024 this week. IEEE IV is one of the leading conferences in the field of autonomous and intelligent vehicles. We are traveling to Jeju Island (Korea) to meet with researchers from all over the world and discuss the latest research in automotive technology, autonomous driving and intelligent transportation systems. Our AVS Lab is represented with several papers, presentations and workshops.

Workshop 1: “1st Workshop on Small-scale Testbeds for Connected and Automated Vehicles and Robot Swarms”, Co-Organizer(s): Bassam Alrifaee, Johannes Betz, Jianye Xu, Armin Mokhtarian - 📅 Sunday 02.06.2024

Lecture by Prof. Betz at the workshop : “Interaction-driven Behavior Prediction and Planning for Autonomous Vehicles” 📅 Sunday 02.06.2024

📝 Paper 1: “FlexMap Fusion: Georeferencing and Automated Conflation of HD Maps with OpenStreetMap” 📅 Sunday 02.06.2024

📝 Paper 2: “A New Taxonomy for Automated Driving: Structuring Applications Based on Their Operational Design Domain, Level of Automation and Autonomy Readiness (I)” 📅 Sunday 02.06.2024

📝 Paper 3: “Accelerating Autonomy: Insights from Pro Racers in the Era of Autonomous Racing - an Expert Interview Study” 📅 Sunday 02.06.2024

📝 Paper 4: “Investigating Driving Interactions: A Robust Multi-Agent Simulation Framework for Autonomous Vehicles” 📅 Monday 03.06.2024

📝 Paper 5: „Overcoming Blind Spots: Occlusion Considerations for Improved Autonomous Driving Safety“ 📅 Montag 03.06.2024

📝 Paper 6: „A Safe Reinforcement Learning Driven Weights-Varying Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Vehicle Motion Control“ 📅 Montag 03.06.2024

📝 Paper 7: „A Reinforcement Learning-Boosted Motion Planning Framework: Comprehensive Generalization Performance in Autonomous Driving“ 📅 Dienstag 04.06.2024

In addition, our team supported the organization of the workshop “Autoware - ROS-based OSS for Autonomous Driving” and the “F1TENTH - Autonomous Racing Competition”. We would like to thank the organizers of IV 2024 for a great and exciting conference.