Generation E Podcast - Autonomous Driving

Our lab head Johannes Betz was a guest on the "Generation E Mobility Podcast" and talked there with the host about the topic of autonomous driving. The content was various discussions about the technology, the users & users as well as the increase of acceptance as well as the replacement of humans by machines. If you are interested in listening to the podcast, you can access the online episode here:

Generation E Mobility Podcast - Autonomous driving to replace humans, Johannes Betz, Professor of Autonomous Vehicle Systems at TU Munich.

Summary: As a driver, just take a nap or work while driving to shorten the commute. That sounds pretty good. In the long run, however, autonomous driving will not only take place in private cars, but also in airplanes and in intralogistics (for example, warehouses). But why should autonomous driving replace humans in the first place? And how does it work at all? In the current episode Generation E, we talk to one of the leading experts on autonomous vehicle systems. Johannes Betz explains in a very amusing and easily digestible way what autonomous driving means, what the current status is for autonomous features, and why we're not any further ahead yet.