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The Department of Mobility Systems Engineering conducts research and teaches in all mobility-related fields, especially planning and implementation of transportation infrastructure, traffic management and control, integrated land use and transportation planning, travel behaviors, and modeling. Mobility is changing in response to emerging technologies, disruptive business models, changing consumer demand and shifting demographics, as well as politics and global sustainability goals. The current mobility systems are highly heterogeneous and are driven by local determinants such as pollution, traffic congestion, population density, economic growth, availability of infrastructure, energy reliability, and land use. 

Key topics at the Department Mobility Systems Engineering

"[...] to be one of the best schools in Europe or on the planet, when it comes to mobility and transportation, that's the simple goal we have!" Department Head Prof. Klaus Bogenberger presents the Department Mobility Systems Engineering, part of the TUM School of Engineering and Design at Technical University of Munich. 

Boards and Management 

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International Student Projects

Future mobility in an international context? With "Students for Future Mobility", two different hands-on projects in the field of mobility are offered to students of different disciplines in addition to their individual studies. more

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