Professor Constantinos Antoniou

Constantinos Antoniou is a Full Professor in the Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA (1995), a MS in Transportation (1997) and a PhD in Transportation Systems (2004), both from MIT. His research focuses on modelling and optimization of transportation systems, data analytics and machine learning for transportation systems, and human factors for future mobility systems and in his 25 years of experience he has held key positions in a number of research projects in Europe, the US and Asia, while he has also participated in a number of consulting projects. Costas has a proven track record in attracting competitive funding in both national and international levels. He is/has been PI of several research projects (e.g. H2020 iDREAMS, MOMENTUM, Drive2thefuture, DFG DVanPool and Trampa), and has contributed considerably to the preparation of a large number of funded proposals, in the national and international level.

He has authored more than 400 scientific publications, including more than 115 papers in international, peer-reviewed journals, 250 in international conference proceedings, 3 books and 20 book chapters. He is a member of several professional and scientific organizations, editorial boards (Member of the Editorial Board of Transportation Research – Part A: Policy and Practice, Transportation Research – Part C, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Cities; Deputy Editor in Chief of IET Intelligent Transportation Systems; Associate Editor of Transportation Letters; Editor of EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics), committees (such as TRB committees AHB45 – Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics and ABJ70 - Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications, Steering Committee of hEART – The European Association for Research in Transportation, and FGSV Committee 3.10 “Theoretical fundamentals of road traffic"), and a frequent reviewer for a large number of scientific journals, scientific conferences, research proposals and scholarships. 

He enjoys teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as in other venues, such as Summer Schools and Short Courses. He has supervised three PhD students, and is currently supervising nine more, has supervised more than 30 graduate theses at TUM and NTUA, as well as participated in various roles in doctoral committees and examinations in other universities (such as TU Delft, KTH, TU Berlin, University of Naples – Federico II, EPFL, the National University of Singapore, the University of Luxembourg, the University of the Aegean). 

A leader of the profession and opinion maker, with frequent presence in major national media (TV, radio, newspapers) on transportation topics. As part of his volunteer activities, he is the former Chairman of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE), the former President of the MIT Club of Greece, and co-founder and former Secretary of the Board of Directors of the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece.

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Journal articles

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