TRB Workshop on Doctoral Research in Transportation Modeling and Travel Behavior

The workshop was organized in two parts. The first part dealed with the topics Travel Demand, Travel Behavior, TNCs, AVs and Auto Ownership. The second part focused on Traffic Assignments, Network Analyses, Operations, Management, Safety and Air Travel. Within each part, every doctoral researcher gave a 5 min lightning talk to introduce her or his topic. Towards the end of both parts, there was a poster session to discuss individual research in more detail. 


Time Presenter University Presentation Title Adviser
1:30-1:40 Pat Mokhtarian and Rolf Moeckel GeorgiaTech and Technical University of Munich Welcome note  


Part A: Travel Demand, Travel Behavior, TNCs, AVs and Auto Ownership

Time Presenter University Presentation Title Adviser
1:40-1:45 Hermawan, Karina University of California, Irvine Impacts on Vehicle-Occupancy and Airport Curb Congestion of Transportation Network Companies at Airports Amelia Regan
1:45-1:50 Hyland, Mike Northwestern University Real-time Operation of AV-enabled Mobility Services (AVEMS): Modeling, Optimization, Simulation, and Analysis Hani S. Mahmassani
1:50-1:55 Noruzoliaee, Mohamadhossein University of Illinois at Chicago Roads in Transition:Integrated Modeling of a Manufacturer-Traveler-Infrastructure System in a Mixed Autonomous/Human Driving Environment Bo Zou
1:55-2:00 Carroll, Páraic Trinity College Dublin Modelling the propensity for ‘car-shedding’ behaviour in the Greater Dublin Area Brian Caulfield
2:00-2:05 Liu, Yan University of Maryland Market penetration of new vehicle technology and their use: A generalized dynamic approach for discrete-continuous decisions’ modeling Cinzia Cirillo
2:05-2:10 Weiss, Adam University of Toronto Exploring the Extent of Interactions in Activity-Based Models: A Critical Examination of Intra-Household and Spatial Interactions Through Choice Modelling Khandker M. Nurul Habib
2:10-2:15 Yao, Mingzhu Hong Kong Baptist University Modelling interactions between households’ long-term decisions on mobility and residence and individuals’ short-term choices on time use/travel Donggen Wang
2:15-2:20 Astroza, Sebastian The University of Texas at Austin Flexible Multiple Discrete-Continuous Choice Structures and Mixed Modeling Chandra Bhat
2:20-2:25 Daisy, Naznin Sultana Dalhousie University Modeling Activity-Travel Behaviour for Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling Lei Liu
2:25-2:30 Arian, Ali UC Arizona Exploring Travel Behavior Change Opportunities Through aSpatial-Temporal Dimensioned Persuasion Framework Yi-Chang Chiu
2:30-2:35 Malokin, Alex Georgia Institute of Technology MACHINE LEARNING FOR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER:A PATH TO BETTER TRAVEL BEHAVIOR MODELS? Patricia L. Mokhtarian
2:35-2:40 Wang, Fangru Georgia Institute of Technology Modeling the Choice of On-demand Ride Service with Multinomial Logit Model and Tree-Based Ensemble Methods: Evidence from New York and Seattle Catherine L. Ross
2:40-2:45 Hafezi, Mohammad Hesam Dalhousie University Modeling Representative Time-Use Behavior for Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling Lei Liu and Hugh Millward
2:50-2:55 Le, Huyen Virginia Tech Affection for Daily Travel: Exploring Satisfaction Associated with Travel Modes and Activities during Trips Ralpf Buehler
2:55-3:30 Poster Presentations Part A    


Part B: Traffic Assignments, Network Analyses, Operations, Management, Safety and Air Travel 

Time Presenter University Presentation Title Adviser
3:35-3:40 Hunt, Jennifer Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Low-Fare Flights Across the Atlantic: Impact of Low-Cost, Long-Haul, Trans-Atlantic Flights on Passenger Choice of Carrier Dothang Truong
3:40-3:45 Tamilselvan, Gajapriya Florida Institute of Technology Pilots’ Likelihood to Quit Flying in Part 121 Commercial Aviation Scott R. Winter
3:50-3:55 Yuan, Kai Delft University of Technology Capacity drop on freeways: traffic dynamics, theory and modeling Victor Knoop and Serge Hoogendoorn
3:55-4:00 Li, Xueyan Beijing Jiaotong University Research on Traffic Evolution based on Self-organizing and Edge-of-Chaos Decisions Vikrant S. Vaze
4:00-4:05 Song, Dong Yoon Purdue University Psychological Effects of Real-Time Travel Information on Traveler Route Choice Behavior and Traveler Satisfaction Srinivas Peeta
4:05-4:10 Papazikou, Evita Loughborough University Analysing safety critical driving scenarios through Naturalistic driving studies and understanding the stages of crash development Pete Thomas
4:10-4:15 Kamel Taha, Islam University of Toronto Optimized Time-Based Transit Fare and Congestion Pricing System for Large Networks Baher Abdulhai
4:15-4:20 Varotto, Silvia Francesca TU Delft Driving Behavior in Control Transitions Between Adaptive Cruise Control and Manual Driving:Empirics and Models Bart van Arem, Serge Hoogendoorn and Haneen Farah
4:20-4:25 Haque, Khademul University of Memphis Practical Considerations in Transportation Network Investment Decision Making Using Econometric Framework in Multi-Period Sabyasachee Mishra
4:25-4:30 Golshani, Nima University of Illinois at Chicago Analysis of Evacuation Behavior for No-notice Emergency Events Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian
4:30-5:00 Poster Presentation Part B