Picture of Maria Teresa Baquero Lorriva

Univ.-Ass. Ph.D. Maria Teresa Baquero Lorriva

Research focus

Maria Teresa Baquero Larriva is a postdoctoral researcher at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and since May 2022 a guest researcher at the Chair of Urban Structure and Traffic Planning at the Technical University of Munich. Her academic research is shaped by a special interest in sustainable development in architecture and the city. Among others, the focus is on active and healthy aging, gender and urban mobility, and accessibility as an element to create friendlier, healthier, and more equitable cities and environments.

Curriculum vitae

2022     Postdoctoral Guest Researcher at the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).
2022     Postdoctoral researcher (R2). Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) at the chair of Urban Planning
2021 - 2022 Senior Researcher Support Technician. Polytechnic University of Catalonia at the Chair of Project and Construction Engineering
2017 - 2021 PhD student at the program of Urban regeneration and Sustainability at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) at the chair of Urban Planning
Topic: Thermal and acoustic comfort for older adults in public spaces of the consolidated city of the continental Mediterranean climate: case study Arapiles neighborhood, Madrid.  Mention CUMLAUDE
2014 - 2016

Master’s degree in Constructions. University of Cuenca Ecuador.

Master Thesis: Energy efficiency in the residential sector of Cuenca, Ecuador
2015 - 2016 Specialist Technician at the Direction of Historical and Heritage Areas. Municipality of Cuenca, Ecuador. (City Council). Elaboration of the Special Plan of the Historic Center of Cuenca, Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO
2014 - 2015 Resident Site audit. Supervision of the rehabilitation work of a Patrimonial building.  Audit Architect Pablo Barzallo
2010 - 2014

Resident of construction, design, and planning of construction projects at Tosi Moreno Construction company


Teachers assistant for Architecture Design Workshop VII at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. University of Cuenca. Ecuador. For the Arch. Augusto Samaniego (one semester)

2006 - 2013

Bachelor’s degree on Architecture and Urbanism

Bachelor Project: Bioclimatic design of multifamily homes in the city of Cuenca



Accessibility Planning for the 15-minute city

Indicators for Urban Sustainability Post Covid 19 in City of Cuenca Ecudador


Thecoelen. Implications of thermal comfort for elderly on energy consumption

Urban-addons project. Promote active ageing by helping the autonomous mobility of the elderly in public space

Thermal and acoustic comfort for older adults in the consolidated city in the Mediterranean climate of Madrid

Method of certification of sustainable housing construction project. Cuenca, Ecuador



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  • María Teresa Baquero Larriva. Use of public spaces by older adults. Comparison among Madrid and Newcastle Upon Tyne. In book: Urban design for age-friendly environments across Europe: North and South. Developing healthy and therapeutic public spaces for local contexts. Editors: Ester Higueras, Elisa Pozo. Springer 2021. In press.


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