Miniblock "Steinhuber"

General description:

The traffic concept for the "Steinhuber" mini-block in Munich aims to redesign the public space in the Steinheil and Enhuber streets in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood. Maxvorstadt is a densely built urban district with few green spaces and seating areas. The concept aims to create temporary seating areas and green spaces to establish a place for people to linger, contributing to a climate-resilient and livable city. The mini-block should also serve as a model for future-oriented and car-reduced residential areas and provide a consumption-free zone for social interaction and inclusion.


The main goal of the project is to enhance the quality of the public space by creating traffic-calmed areas and promoting climate- and socially-friendly mobility. The redesign of the public space in the entire Steinheil and Enhuber streets is planned for summer 2023. In the long term, the project aims for a systemic shift towards sustainable mobility.

The traffic implementation of the concept includes the following measures: Street parking spaces will be temporarily converted for sustainable modes of transportation such as bicycles, cargo bikes, mopeds, and car sharing. Three main areas for parking these modes of transportation are proposed at the intersections of Luisenstraße and Steinheilstraße, Augustenstraße and Steinheilstraße, and Theresienstraße and Enhubstraße. Additionally, the two streets will be greened with the Green City e.V. tree-lined promenade and raised beds.


City of München - Mobility Department 


 26 July till 30 October 2023


Ana Rivas, M.A.

Simone Aumann, M.Sc.

Luca Scotellaro, M.Sc.

Benjamin Büttner, Dr.-Ing.