Geo Open Accessibility Tool (GOAT)

Development of an open and interactive accessibility tool for walking and cycling based on open data


Approximately every third way in Germany is currently travelled by foot or bicycle. Furthermore, active modes of transport are an essential basis for interconnecting different modes and thus are crucial for sustainable mobility. Nevertheless, there are currently only few instruments that offer planners assistance in decision-making processes for walking and cycling measures. The benefits of a certain measure can therefore not be quantified reliably, and their spatial effects cannot be demonstrated.


The GOAT project aims to develop an interactive, open and easy-to-use accessibility tool for pedestrians and cyclists in the form of a web tool based on already accomplished groundwork. GOAT will serve as a tool for a more efficient and effective transport, land use and accessibility planning by allowing to quantitatively evaluate measures for walking and cycling with minimum effort. Therefore, the project aims to contribute to an improved participation and more sustainable transport and urban planning.


The project is being developed as web application by the Technical University of Munich in cooperation with municipal partners. Essential for the implementation of the project, besides the open software development and the use of open data, is a close coordination in testing cycles and workshops with practitioners, among others the municipalities Fürstenfeldbruck and Freising are testbeds for this process. Accordingly, practical experience is incorporated into the development process from the very beginning. Concluding with an evaluation, further development perspectives will be identified and communicated. The application will also be continuously updated and will be freely available on the project website (


Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur


November 2019 - November 2020


Interview: 7 Fragen an GOAT (German)

Final press release​​​​​​​ (German)


M.Sc. Elias Pajares