EXperimenting with city streets to TRAnsform urban mobility

General description:

Across Europe, cities are attempting to radically reduce their reliance on car-based mobility to address a full range of sustainability challenges. Two major shortcomings, however, are hindering these efforts towards a ‘post-car’ city: first, they lack proactive vision towards cities that are not only sustainable but also accessible without cars, and second, they lack effective strategies to deal with strong, built-in systemic resistance to a change of the status quo. Central to EX-TRA’s approach are transition experiments in city streets, or ‘intentional, temporary changes in street use, regulation and/or form, aimed at exploring systemic change towards a ‘post-car’ city’. EX-TRA will learn from transition experiments in the streets of six cities: Amsterdam, Bologna, Milan, Ghent, Munich and London.


  • Identify designs and regulations for improved convivial public spaces in city streets.
  • Identify conditions for accessibility by proximity in city districts.
  • Identify opportunities and threats of new alternative mobility options for attractive city streets and accessible city districts.
  • Identify strategies for up-scaling city street experiments.
  • Integrate research into existing street experimentation.


URBAN EUROPE - Project no. 875022


March 2020 - February 2024


Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Büttner
+49 89 289 22503

M. Sc. Ulrike Jehle
+49 89 289 23994