We are part of MCube - the Munich Cluster for the Future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions!

As a partner of the MCube Cluster, we help shape the future of mobility and work on innovativ and interdisciplinary projects for the mobility transformation. 

The Munich Cluster for the Future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions aims to use the unique geographical concentration of innovation actors in the mobility sector in the Munich region as a "learning region" to develop scalable solutions with model character for metropolitan regions in Germany and worldwide. We are committed to sustainable, efficient and socially fair mobility, with the aim of realizing leap innovations with great economic impact and high solution potential for global challenges. More information is visible on the MCube Homepage

Our projects within the MCube Cluster

The Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning are working on various projects within the MCube Cluster:

  • AQT - Car-reduced quarters for a more liveable city
  • BeneVit - Innovative assessment methods for sustainable transportation investments 
  • MGeM - Mobility justice in metropolitan regions
  • SASIM - Smart Advisor for Sustainable Integreated Mobility - A full cost perspective on urban traffic
  • SUE - System Analysis and Evaluation 


AQT develops and tests spatial and transportation concepts that aim to increase the acceptance and use of multimodal transportation options, significantly reduce car ownership and use, and enhance the value of space. AQT places a special focus on interdisciplinary research and transformative processes. Further information can be found here.



BeneVit: The aim of this project is to develop innovative approaches to evaluation methods, taking into account the target dimensions of time, space and air. Further information can be found here.



MGeM: The project Mobility Equity in Metropolitan Regions (MGeM) aims to lay the foundation for a mobility system in which the entire population of the metropolitan region can participate in the future of mobility. For more information, click here.



SASIM: The aim is to prepare the full costs of various forms of mobility in their entirety and to communicate them transparently. You can find more information here.



SUE: An innovative analysis toolbox will be used to design and evaluate projects. You can find more information here.